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PP-18 coneference

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-D  ITU-D - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant008:0012:00
ITU-R  ITU-R - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant008:3012:00
ITU-T  ITU-T - Delegate Registration Montbrillant008:3012:00
ITU-T  Q4/15 - Broadband over metallic conductorsMontbrillantK208:3012:30
ITU-T  Q13/15 - Synchronization and time distributionTowerPopov208:3012:30
ITU-R  SWG 6A-1 - Television VarembéG109:0010:15
ITU-R  SWG 6C-3 - HDRMontbrillantK109:0010:15
ITU-R  SWG 6C-1 - AudioMontbrillantH09:0010:15
ITU-D  9th Meeting of the Expert Group on Telecommunication/ICT Indicators (EGTI)TowerC09:0012:30
ITU-T  Q2/15 - Optical accessTowerPopov109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q14/15 - Management for transport and equipmentVarembéG309:3012:30
ITU-T  Q18/15 - Broadband in-premises networkingMontbrillantL109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q6/15 - Optical systems for terrestrialMontbrillantL209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q8/15 - Optical fibre submarine cable systemsMontbrillantM209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q10/15 - IF, IW, OAM and Equipment specs for PTNsVarembéG209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q11/15 - Signal structures and interfacesTowerA09:3012:30
ITU-T  Q12/15 - Transport network architecturesMontbrillantM109:3012:30
ITU-R  SWG 6A-3 - SharingMontbrillantH10:4512:00
ITU-R  SWG 6C-2 - Video QualityMontbrillantK110:4512:00
ITU-R  DG 6C-1-2 - RendererVarembéG110:4512:00
ITU-T  WP3/15 - Management team MontbrillantL213:0014:00
ITU-T  ITU-T - Delegate Registration Montbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-R  ITU-R - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-D  ITU-D - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-R  SWG 6A-5 - SoundMontbrillantK114:0015:15
ITU-R  SWG 6C-4 - VideoVarembéE14:0015:15
ITU-R  ITU-R WP6C SWG-5VarembéG114:0015:15
ITU-D  Joint Session EGH and EGTITowerC14:0017:00
ITU-T  Q9/15 - Network protection/retorationVarembéF14:3015:45
ITU-T  Q6/15 - Optical systems for terrestrialMontbrillantL214:3015:45
ITU-T  Q4/15 - Broadband over metallic conductorsMontbrillantK214:3017:30
ITU-T  Q2/15 - Optical accessTowerPopov114:3017:30
ITU-R  WP 6CMontbrillantH15:4517:00
ITU-R  Meeting: SWG 6A-4 - other issesMontbrillantK115:4517:00
ITU-T  WP2/15 - Chairmen and rapporteurs TowerA16:1517:30
ITU-T  WP3/15 - Chairmen and rapporteurs TowerPopov216:1517:30
ITU-T  WP3/15 - Management team MontbrillantL116:1520:00
ITU-R  Steering CommitteeVarembéG117:3019:00