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ITU-T, Environment, Climate Change and Circular Economy at a Glance

ITU-T, Environment, Climate Change and Circular Economy​

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as satellites, mobile phones or the Internet, are capable of playing a key role in addressing the global challenges of climate change and sustainable development.

By raising awareness on ICT’s role in tackling environmental challenges including climate change, ITU-T is promoting innovative ICT solutions to environmental questions and is developing green ICT standards to support a sustainable future, in areas such as:

Setting Environmental Requirements for 5G

Taking into consideration the development of 5G systems, SG5 is developing a series of technical reports and international standards that will study the following environmental aspects of 5G:

Importance of Global Standards

ITU-T is the standardization branch of ITU. Assembled in specific Study Groups, international experts from 193 Member States, 700 Sector Member and 65 Academia Members develop the standards called ITU-T Recommendations.

In particular, the ITU-T Study Group 5 offers the ideal platform for climate change stakeholders to exchange knowledge and expertise with the aim of identifying policy and standard needs to support the integration of ICTs in tackling climate change.

ITU-T Recommendations are beneficial to:

The important ITU-T Recommendations on ICTs, environment and climate change, circular economy and energy efficiency developed by ITU-T Study Group 5 can be found here.