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Joint Coordination Activity on ICT and climate change (JCA-ICT&CC)

Joint Coordination Activity on ICT & Climate Change (JCA-ICT&CC)

The Joint Coordination Activity on ICTs and Climate Change (JCA-ICT&CC) was established by TSAG in April 2009 on the basis of the successful completion of the work of the Focus Group on ICT and Climate Change. TSAG in June 2013 endorsed the continuation of JCA-ICT&CC with no changes in the terms of reference. The JCA-ICT&CC reported to ITU-T Study Group 5 and concluded its activities in October 2015.

The purpose of the JCA-ICT&CC was to provide a visible contact point for ICT and Climate Change activities in ITU-T, to seek co-operation from external bodies working in the field of ICT & climate change and enable effective two-way communication with these bodies. External bodies include representatives from relevant SDOs such as IEC, ISO or relevant academia, consortia or fora.

How to participate
Participation was open to representatives and invited experts from organizations interested in the field, including standard developing organizations (SDOs), academia, governments, regulators, etc.

Management and Contacts