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ITU/UNEP Training Workshop on E-Waste

Central American Workshop for Capacity Building on Environmentally Responsible Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

El Salvador, 19-21 March 2013

The workshop was jointly organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Secretariat of the Basel Convention administered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), through the Basel Convention Regional Center for Central America and Mexico (BCRC-CAM), in cooperation with the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) established under the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, the Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador (MARN).

This event aimed at providing a training on e-waste management and promoted the environmentally sound handling of used and end-of-life electronic equipment through the PACE guidelines on environmentally sound testing, refurbishment and repair of used computing equipment and on environmentally sound material recovery and recycling of end-of-life computing equipment, as well as through the ITU-T Recommendations and its Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT Sector.
Outcome Document: Agenda for Latin America [ENGLISH]  [SPANISHNEW
Press Release, April 2013   [ENGLISH]  [SPANISH]
News, February 2013   [ENGLISH]   [SPANISH]
Information in Spanish is available here.
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