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ITU Workshop on "Future Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure", Phase 1

Geneva, Switzerland, 24 April 2015



Future networks will need to support an enormous volume of ICT applications and a very broad spectrum of services. Billions of networked devices, things and objects will enable systems to communicate and learn from one another, creating intelligent ecosystems that adapt their behaviour in the interests of efficiency. The next generation of wireless communication will see application in areas spanning from voice and video to industrial robotics, intelligent transport, remote medical surgery, virtual reality and much more. This increasing sophistication of ICTs and unprecedented level of ICT ubiquity will demand significant transformations in network infrastructure. We are on course for a world in which nearly every aspect of economic and social activity will depend on ICTs, making it essential that we build ICT infrastructure deserving of our trust.

This year marks ITU's 150th Anniversary.  As part of the 150th anniversary celebrations, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is organizing a one-day workshop on "Future Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure, Phase 1" on 24 April 2015 at ITU Headquarters in Geneva in conjunction with the meeting of ITU-T Study Group 13
(20 April - 1 May 2015). The task of this workshop and coming events in the series will be to conceptualize the form of future ICT infrastructure and determine the course of ITU standardization work in response.


This workshop will provide a platform for discussion on future converged ICT services and information infrastructure. Building the future ICT-based "eco-society" will demand enhancements to the functions and capabilities of information infrastructure.  Accordingly, the workshop will aim to:

​ ​
Target Audience

From non-experts curious about the topic to specialists able to assist in developing various aspects of the new concept.


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