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The Grand Challenge Finale Schedule

Please Register here to attend the Final C​onference [2 registrations required (a) 15 & 16 Dec (b) 17 Dec. awards ceremony]


Tue. - 15 Dec
Wed. - 16 Dec​
​Thur. - 17 Dec
12:00 CET​
6 am New York 
2 pm Moscow 
7 pm Beijing 
8 pm Tokyo​​​
Opening Remarks
STCGitHub Slides
Opening Ceremony: ITUSecretary General​


5Gfan: GitHub Slides
JOJO: GitHub Slides​
TSB Director & UAE TRA- Director
UT-NakaoLab-AIGitHub Slides
KCGIGitHub Slides
Keynote​ – Recent advances in Federated Learning for Communication​ - Wojciech Samek

naist-lsmGitHub Slides
HENOKO KING: GitHub Slides

​ ​13​​​:00 CET
7 am New York
3 pm Moscow
8 pm Beijing
 9 pm Tokyo​

mlabGitHub Slides
AI-MaglevGitHub Slides​​
Vision for the future: AI/ML in 5G roadmap

国创矩阵 (GuoChuang ChapterIX)GitHub Slides
GAN TorrentsGitHub Slides
Regulator Perspective: TRA-UAE​

小智 (Weeny Wit)GitHub Slides
I****​**L diagnosticsGitHub Slides
Industry Perspective: Cisco​ & ZTE

No BoundariesGitHub Slides
Nitish ​Kumar SinghGitHub Slides
Keynote: The Unfinished Journey of Network AI​ - Dr. Chih-Lin I​

​ ​14​​​:00 CET​
8 am New York
4 pm Moscow
9 pm Beijing
 10 pm Tokyo​



浑水摸鱼 (Cresting) GitHub Slides
​​SteredegGitHub Slides
Keynote: Learning at the Wireless Edge​ (Vincent Poor​ - Princeton​)
黑白双煞 (NKU-Excavator)GitHub Slides
Gradient AscentGitHub Slides
Final Presentation: ​Overview of the solutions from the Challenge 
Abhishek DandekarGitHub Slides
Salzburg ResearchGitHub Slides

​ ​15​​​:00 CET​​
am New York
5 pm Moscow
10 pm Beijing
 11 pm Tokyo​


​Imperial_IPC1GitHub Slides
Link BustersGitHub Slides

NU HuskiesGitHub Slides
IEC_ResearchGitHub Slides
Prize Presentation​ 
Award announcements and presentations

Bea​mSoupGitHub Slides
USATUGitHub Slides
​Challenge Outlook in 2021
Ramon VallèsGitHub Slides

ML-DOJOGitHub Slides
Closing Ceremony
Remarks from Hosts
Closing remarks: TSB Dir

​ ​16​​​:00 CET​


ATARIGitHub Slides
​ICARUSGitHub Slides


STC_2GitHub​ Slides
Learned ChesterGitHub Slides​

Final Presentation: This a presentation from Challenge participants who were invited for the Grand Challenge Finale. The format is;

    • 15 Minutes presentation including Q&A (8 minutes of presentation and 7 minutes of questions)
    • Judges will ask questions and score/evaluate the participants 
    • The audience will have a limited number of questions to ask the presenters​