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Activities on Resolution 205 (Rev. WRC-15) Monitoring in the band 405.9-406.2 MHz

The Radio Regulations, through Resolution 205 (Rev. WRC-15), request the BR to organise monitoring programmes in the frequency band 406-406.1 MHz (exclusively allocated to mobile-satellite service for search and rescue activities) and its adjacent frequency bands 405.9-406 MHz and 406.1-406.2 MHz. 

One of the objectives of these monitoring programmes is to identify and locate unauthorized emissions in the band  406-406.1 MHz that cause harmful interference to the reception of satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRB) signals of the COSPAS-SARSAT system.

The other objective is to assess the impact of unwanted emissions from systems operating in the frequency bands 405.9-406 MHz and 406.1-406.2 MHz on MSS reception in the frequency band 406-406.1 MHz and to report to subsequent world radiocommunication conferences. The Bureau has issued Circular Letter CR/438 “Organization of a monitoring programme in the bands 405.9-406 MHz and 406.1-406.2 MHz” dated 10 December 2018 inviting administrations to join the programme.

The Administrations participating in this monitoring programme provide their reports to the Bureau in application of Resolution 205 (Rev. WRC-15). Upon receipt of the reports concerning the band 406-406.1 MHz, the Radiocommunication Bureau immediately contacts the Administrations responsible for the area where the unauthorized transmitters are located, requesting them to take immediate action with a view to stopping the emissions.