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Fixed and Mobile Services Division (FMD)

​​​​​Fixed and Mobile Services Division (FMD) is responsible for the examination of notices/submissions for frequency assignments and allotments of terrestrial services (except LF/MF and VHF/UHF broadcasting services), which are submitted by administrations for recording in the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR) or Terrestrial Plans.

FMD also allocates means of identification (call signs, maritime identification digits) for stations in all terrestrial radiocommunication services and maintains the ITU-R Global Administration Data base (GLAD) for information on administrations and geographical areas.

FMD provides assistance to administrations with respect to the examination, coordination and other regulatory and administrative procedures applicable to all terrestrial non-broadcasting services.

Examination procedures

After a frequency assignment notice is published in Part 1 of the BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) the subsequent processing of the notice for terrestrial services in the BR varies according to the frequency band and service concerned. FMD examines notices/submissions of these frequency assignments before recording them in the MIFR.  More >

Coordination procedures

The mandatory coordination procedures applicable to terrestrial services are provided in Article 9 of the Radio Regulations (RR). Provisions Nos. 9.16, 9.18 and 9.19 apply to terrestrial services in the frequency bands shared with the space services. Furthermore, coordination is mandatory if the obligation to carry it out is indicated in a footnote of Article 5 of the RR making reference to No. 9.21.  More >

Frequency plans

The frequency planning is one of the most important elements of the international regulations   and a mean of preserving the rights of all Member States in the context of equitable access to the limited frequency resource. In this respect FMD maintains worldwide allotment and regional assignment plans of terrestrial nonbroadcasting services, ensuring the application of modification and coordination procedures associated to the Plan.  More >

GE06 Procedures and List

The Regional Agreement GE06 relating to the planning of the digital terrestrial broadcasting service in Region 1 and in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the frequency bands 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz, also governs the use of these bands by  the primary terrestrial services other than broadcasting. FMD is responsible for the maintenance and updates in GE06 List, containing assignments to  services other than broadcasting. More >

Means of identification

In accordance with the RR provisions, all transmissions shall be capable of being identified either by identification signals or by other means. In this respect FMD is responsible for allocation to Administrations of  means of identification (call signs, maritime identification digits) for stations in all terrestrial radiocommunication services.    More >

GLobal Administration Data System (GLAD)

GLAD is an online data retrieval-system and a central repository of ITU-R common information concerning administrations and geographical areas. FMD is responsible for the maintanace of GLAD.  More >