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GE84 Plan optimization for Africa


The ITU Radiocommunication Bureau (BR), in collaboration with the African Telecommunication Union (ATU), is launching a process for the optimization of the GE84 Plan for African countries.  

- 2nd Series of the GE84 Plan Optimization for Africa online Workshop, 19-21 April 2021.​ ​​​

The main purpose of this optimization is to achieve an efficient use of the 87.5-108 MHz (FM) band for analogue sound broadcasting and to allocate new frequencies to FM broadcasting to meet the increasing need for additional frequencies in African countries.

This optimization process requires strong involvement of the participating administrations, to provide the necessary data, update the GE84 Plan and the MIFR, and actively participate in future frequency coordination meetings to successfully identify additional mutually compatible assignments. 

Preliminary Workplan

The main steps of the optimization process and key milestones are described in the preliminary Work plan​ timeline below:



The main objective of this questionnaire is to gather the necessary information and some views or eventual suggestions from administrations on the process for optimizing the current Geneva, 1984 Plan in Africa.

This questionnaire is one of key elements to establish an appropriate framework for this optimization process, therefore your contribution by responding to the questionnaire with complete and real information, as far as possible is crucial.