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ITU-R Workshop on Emergency Broadcasting, Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday 21 November 2013

This workshop, which will take place during the meeting of Study Group 6 and its Working Parties, will highlight the work done in the development of an ITU-R Report on the long-standing, essential role of terrestrial radio and television broadcasting for rapid dissemination of emergency information to the public. Study Group 6, at its April 2013 meeting, agreed to this workshop being held prior to its next meeting in November 2013.

As the number of natural disasters and other large-scale emergency situations around the world (such as tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis) are on the rise, it is absolutely essential that the public is provided the necessary information quickly, comprehensively and accurately. Terrestrial television and radio broadcasters provide the fastest, reliable and most effective means of delivering information to the public in these critical situations.

This workshop will address all these issues and will feature speakers from various broadcasters who will discuss the various aspects of emergencies and how broadcasting fulfills these requirements most reliably and effectively.