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Resolution 49 (Rev.WRC-07) - Administrative due diligence

The World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 2007) further revised Resolution 49 to the Radio Regulations. In accordance with resolves 2bis of Resolution 49 (Rev.WRC-07), for requests for modification to the Plans of Appendices 30, 30A and 30B, the responsible administration shall submit to the Bureau the complete due diligence information as early as possible before the end of the period established as a limit to bringing into use in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 4 of Appendices 30 and 30A and Article 6 of Appendix 30B.
BR Circular letter CR/199 of 29 July 2003 details the consequential changes that came into effect from 5 July 2003 as a result of the modifications made by WRC-03 to the provisions for submitting due diligence information for satellite networks or satellite systems, pursuant to resolves 2 of Resolution 49 (Rev.WRC-2000).
In order to assist administrations in applying Resolution 49, the Bureau has updated the SpaceCap v7 software application to allow the required due diligence information to be submitted electronically to the Bureau and to facilitate its further processing. Administrations are requested to submit electronic due diligence filings, created by SpaceCap Version 7.0.0 or later. The RS49 component in SpaceCap automatically generates a due diligence filing from an Article 4 (of Appendices 30 or 30A) or Article 6 (of Appendix 30B) filing of a given satellite network. The filing thus generated has only to be completed with additional due diligence information relating either to the entire satellite network or only to parts thereof (i.e. for some frequency bands, for some beams, or for some frequency bands of some beams).
A procedure describing how to submit to the Bureau a notice in accordance with Resolution 49 is detailed in a BR Seminar PowerPoint Presentation.
The details of due diligence information published by the Bureau for satellite networks subject to Appendices 30, 30A and 30B are contained in the zipped SPS Version 7 databases below. In order to properly view the contents of the databases, SpaceCap v7, SpacePub v7 or SpaceQry v7  software is required.

 Space Plans Systems (SPS) Version 7 Database

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