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This version of SpaceQry is no more available to query SNS v8 databases.
It has been rewritten and integrated into BRSIS. The new BRSIS-SpaceQry is available here.

The Space Query and Extract System, or SpaceQry,  is a software package which provides access to the Radiocommunication Bureau's Space Radiocommunication Stations database, as well as, to the BR's electronic database publications of the Space International Frequency Information Circulars. SpaceQry also provides full access to the related graphical data through GIMS, and will print selected Space Networks and Earth Stations in BR Space IFIC format using the Space Publications software.

All ITU Space IFIC publications from 2375 contain version 7.0 of the SpaceQry software. 

You may download the SpaceQry 7.0 installation file, but in order to take full advantage of the SpaceQry software's abilities, you are advised to obtain the Space IFIC publications which contain the SRS and GIMS databases, as well as other interesting and very useful software packages.  Once it has been installed on your Win9x, Win2000, ME, XP, or NT4.0 system, to launch the SpaceQry application, go to the Start : Programs : BR Space Applications : SpaceQry menu folder and select the SpaceQry 7.0 menu items identified by the icon: 

 Installation file


The file SpaceQrySetup.exe is a self-extracting, compressed installation file.  Once uncompressed, it  comprises the full installation of the SpaceQry 7.0 (build 700006) software package.   To download this file, click on the highlighted file name immediately on the right and save it to a temporary directory on your PC.  After downloading the file, you should then run the file (by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer, etc.); this will decompress  the installation files into a temporary directory on your hard disk, and then automatically execute the setup procedure.

Once the "unzipping" and installation has completed, you will probably wish to archive and/or delete the downloaded file.
Note:  SpaceQry  7.0 (build 700006) installation is also on the BR-IFIC 2737 DVD-ROM (05.02.2013) and all subsequent IFICs.

Online documentation for the SpaceQry software includes a description of what’s new in the latest release of the SpaceQry software, and complete documentation on  how to use the SpaceQry Criteria Dialogue (SpaceQueryGuide) to issue your queries  Also included below are the SpaceQry PowerPoint presentation from the BR Seminar 2008, complete documentation on the structure of the SRS databases, and the latest BR Preface.

NOTE – If you have installed SpaceQry version 7.0 from a SpaceIFIC publication or from the  downloadable installation file from this web site, then you will already have most of these documents in the BR_Soft and SpaceQry folders on your PC. 


Download Description Size Date


Installation file of SpaceQry version 7 14 Mb 23 January 2013


User manual 0.9 Mb 28 March 2012

Installation file for iwRocket 5.78 Mb 21 May 2007

 What's new

What's new in SpaceQry 2.0 Mb 17 September 2012


FAQ: Updating your SRS from an IFIC 560 Kb 17 May 2007

 SRS database (v 7) description

SRS database v7 description 2.1 Mb 7 November 2012

 SRS database (v 7) diagram

SRS database v7 diagram 42.1 Kb 23 January 2013

For further information contact: Space Administrative Software Division