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ITU Regional Initiative on ICT Applications, including e-Health



This project is an integral part of the European regional initiatives adopted by the ITU Resolution 17 (WTDC-10, Hyderabad), with “ICT applications, including e-health”, being one of them.
It aims at assisting Member States in sharing best practices in the implementation of e-applications, including e-health. To achieve this objective, ITU shall jointly with countries in Central and Eastern Europe promote the e-health initiative and help these countries better understand and utilize this ICT application by supporting healthcare system through proper use of information and communication technologies in medical data processing, assisting countries' healthcare efforts in rural and remote areas, and also, reducing the overall costs of healthcare services.
ITU Focal Points:
Mr Jaroslaw Ponder
Mr Hani Eskandar


​In 2012, ITU EUR organized the ITU Experts Group Meeting on m-Health: Towards Cure, Care and Prevention at ITU Headquarters on 25-26 September 2012. The meeting addressed the challenges and opportunities arising from the rapid growth of the mobile health industry at the policy, regulatory, technical and business level. In follow up to the meeting, a series of country case studies has been released and a roster of m-health experts created. In addition, a thematic study has been elaborated that is currently under review and will serve as a basis for the creation of a self-assessment toolkit for policy makers.

Furthermore, a Global eHealth Projects Repository was launched as a joint effort between ITU and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2013. The repository will collect and make available information on validated, operational eHealth projects that demonstrate the effective use of ICTs for health. All administrations and stakeholders have been encouraged to submit eHealth projects that are evaluated and supported by governments. By contributing to this resource, administrations will raise the visibility of eHealth projects and enable an empowering sharing of experiences and good practices.

We are inviting you to submit eHealth projects that are evaluated and supported by government. Contribution to this resource will make a wealth of eHealth projects visible and enable mutual learning through the sharing of experiences and good practice.


The objectives of this European Regional Initiative are:
  • Faster and easier storage of, transmission of and access to medical data and health-related information for healthcare providers and professionals, citizens/patients, academics, researchers, policy-makers and others;
  • Capacity building and improved delivery of healthcare services, particularly in rural and remote areas;
  • Reduction of operational and administrative costs in implementing healthcare services.


ITU discussion paper entitled “Filling the Gap: Legal and Regulatory Challenges of Mobile Health (mHealth) in Europe” as an input to the Public consultation on the Green Paper on mobile Health
ITU-D Discussion Paper on Regulatory Challenges of Mobile Health (mHealth) in Europe