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Approaches of the UN System to support digital transformation

 The special session on the “Approaches of the UN System to support digital transformation​" was held virtually on 15 December from 13:00 to 14:30 CET, within the framework ​of the UN Digital Transformation Group for Europe and Central Asia (UN DTG4ECA).​​ This session was held in the context of the event "Digital transformation based on ICT innovations for the development of the digital economy" co-organized by ITU and the State University of Telecommunication of Ukraine, on the same day from 9:30 to 15:20 CET.

The session provided  a platform to present the ongoing efforts of the United Nations (UN) in accelerating digital transformation across the region to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through showcasing a series of actions, activities, initiatives, and partnerships that advance digitalization and digitization processes.

It was an open event for all interested stakeholders. The key target audience included the UN system partners (UN DCO, Resident Coordinators, Country Teams) relevant EU structures, Members States, and the Donors community (national development agencies, development banks). The session further sought to engage different stakeholders at the regional and national levels who may be interested to strengthen their roles in the UN Sustainable Development Framework.  

The unique examples of multi-agency cooperation were showcased in the context of the UN cooperation framework with the objective to strengthen the delivery of topics of common interest in terms of accuracy and reach.  

 It aimed to present to the regional community the outcomes of flagship and multiagency initiatives undertaken within the framework of the group,  pinpoint key gaps and challenges both in the region and at the national levels, in order to identify areas of prior  importance to be addressed to reach the SDGs and provide a platform of exchange between diverse stakeholders interested to deepen their support in fostering a sustainable and inclusive digital transformation.