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Events in 2023

ITU regional events

​​​​Roundtable on SDG 9: The Tenth Asia - Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development ​
​​Bangkok, Thailand27-30 March 2023
Roundtable on SDG 9 and 17: Partnerships for inclusive and sustainable digital development​​​​​
​online​​29 ​March​​ 2023
Smart Sustainable Cities Forum
​Minsk, Belarus
​19-20 April 2023
​Central Eurasia Venture Summit​Tbilisi, Georgia
​25-26 April 2023
​​Internatio​nal Girls in ICT Day​​
​Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan​​27 ​April​ 2023
Forum on Future Networks
​Tashkent, Uzbekistan​​ ​23-25 May​​ 2023
Startup Central Eurasia Ecosystem Ranking Report presentation​​
13 July​​ 2023
​Forum on Digital Transformation ​​
Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan ​​​ 28-30 August 2023​​​
School Connectivity Week​​
Kostanay, Kazakhstan​
11-13 September​​ 2023
Arab - CIS Inter-Regional Cyberdrill
Abu-Dhabi, UAE
9-10 ​October 2023​​
​​High-level session on GovStack 
​Astana, Kazakhstan
12 October 2023
Roundtable "Central Eurasia as a single market for growing startups and innovation"​​​ 
​Astana,​ Kazakhstan
13 October 2023
Interregional workshop on the ITU Handbook on mainstreaming gender in digital policies – Asia and the Pacific and CIS regions​​
​5 December 2023​
​Information session “Accelerating Government Digital Transformation with the GovStack Approach”​
​8 December 2023​
ITU Regional Roundtable on Digital Accessibility for People with Disabilities​
​Moscow,​ Russian Federation​
11 December​ 2023

Country trainings

Title Location ​​Da​te
​​​​Trainings on startup ecosystem creation for the St. Petersburg State University of Telecom
St. Petersburg, Russia
​30-31 March 2023
Workshops on smart sustainable cities for administrations of cities and regions of the Republic of Belarus​
Bobruisk and Lida,
Republic of Belarus
8-9 June​ 2023
5-6 October 2023
Tranings for students and teachers of ​​KEnEU "How to create a startup - from an idea to attracting investments" ​
Kostanay, Kazakhstan
​14-15 September 2023
5G training in Armenia ​​​​​
Yerevan, Armenia ​​
18-20 September 2023
5G Forum in Tajikistan​
Dushanbe, Tajikistan ​​​​
18-20 October 2023​​
Round table on Child Online Protection​
Yerevan, Armenia ​​​​​
18 October 2023​​
5G training in Turkmenistan​ ​
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
9-10 November 2023
Tranings for students and teachers of ​​ASUE "How to create a startup - from an idea to attracting investments"
Yerevan, Armenia ​​
14-15 December 2023
​​​​​​ ​