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Regional Policy and Regulatory Webinar Series (Virtual) on 5G Engagement and Experience in partnership with Member Administrations


​The Asia Pacific Region presents a microcosm of the global picture with different degrees of ICTs development and new technology adoption. ITU's publication of IMT-2020 (5G) standards in 2020 gave impetus for commercial 5G rollout. Apart from the effective use of identified IMT bands as a key resource, the 5G rollout is reported to have several policy and regulatory dimensions that demand a holistic policy and regulatory approach.

It is relevant to mention that the ASP regional Initiative 2 focuses on harnessing telecommunication  / ICT technologies. ASP RI 2 ASP2: Harnessing Information And Communication Technologies To Support The Digital Economy And Inclusive Digital Societies

Further, the expected result states, “ Acceleration of digital infrastructure readiness through the timely deployment of optical fibre, 4G and 5G technologies, and ICT/mobile applications in order to improve the delivery of value-added services in sectors such as health, education, environment, agriculture, governance, energy, financial services and e-commerce."

Some of the ITU reports viz. Setting the scene for 5G: Opportunities and Challenges (2018), ICT Infrastructure Business Planning Toolkit – 5G networks (2019), Digital Infrastructure Policy and Regulation in the Asia-Pacific Region September (2019),  Best Practice Guidelines Regulatory and economic incentives for an inclusive sustainable digital future (2023) elaborate enablers and factors for consideration in enabling the timely rollout of digital infrastructure, importance of incentivization, and policy and business considerations.  

Event Concept

Proposed activity:

A webinar series on various dimensions of 5G engagement organised jointly to enhance member states' capacities on 5G rollout and use of 5G services.  ​


    • To enhance capacities for policy and regulatory authorities on  5G rollout and services through  experience sharing and enable 5G collaboration
    • to provide a holistic view of 5G rollout and applications.
    • to identify key policy and regulatory aspects and learn about its impact​​

Expected Outputs:

    • Dissemination of Good policy and regulatory practices on 5G engagement including rollout, usecases, policy innovation from the region
    • Enhanced capacities in developing holistic policy and regulatory frameworks for effective and efficient rollout of 5G to reap benefits in socioeconomic verticals.

Target Audience

    • Senior leadership from Policy and Regulatory bodies
    • Mid to senior-level government officials of Asia Pacific Member States from Policy and Regulation development, Standards, Spectrum, Capacity development divisions
    • Experts and practitioners in 5G policy development and implementation
    • Representatives of ITU membership from industry and academia


  1. Report on Key enablers for 5G adoption among Asia-Pacific countries  - Engagement and Experience Sharing
  2. 5G Network rollout - Engagement and Experience Sharing
  3. 5G Usecases - Engagement and Experience Sharing
  4. 5G Spectrum - Engagement and Experience Sharing​

All the four sessions are proposed during the BKK: 12.00-14.30 Hrs to enable wider participation from different time zones. (China: 13.00-15.30; Japan: 14.00-16.30; India: 10.30-13.00; Australia: 16.00-18.30). Dates are yet to be identified.