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RDF ASP : Day 3 Post-Forum

​​​​​​​​​​​​RDF-ASP2020 (中文)​​     ​​​RDF-ASP2020​ 

ITU envisages creating trusted cyberspace for all  along the four impact pathways :
    • Technical and Policy Measures: Accelerating the development and adoption of sound national cybersecurity strategies and comprehensive action plans
    • Enhancing organisational structures: Establishing prepared organizational structures to support national commitment in cybersecurity;
    • Capacity development: Improving cybersecurity capacity in the Least Developed and Developing Countries; and
    • Cooperation and coordination: Promoting cybersecurity coordination and collaboration as one of enabling areas for the national digital transformation journey and trust building.
ITU  improves a States’ cybersecurity readiness, protection, and incident response capabilities by conducting CyberDrills which is an annual event during which cyber-attacks, information security incidents, or other types of disruptions are simulated in order to test an organization’s cyber capabilities, from being able to detect a security incident to the ability to respond appropriately and minimize any related impact by sharing experiences amongst  CERT/CIRT/CSIRT community  in a unified exercise to build global response and recovery capabilities and raise awareness of other cyber exercise initiatives.  

ITU can not do it alone , we have patners from UN Agencies, International Organisation, ITU Sector Members, Academia and in the region ITU has been working closely in partnership with our members. This session is an opportunity to showcase the contribution made by our partners and their commitment from RPM to WTDC 2021. 

Outlines of topic:
  • Experiences on cyber readiness to address potential vulnerabilities and threats  by enhancing preparedness and response capabilities of CIRTs;
  • Implementing National Cybersecurity Strategies at national level and Cyber Drills at national / regional level; 
  • Improving cybersecurity capacity in the Least Developed and Developing Countries; and
  • Initiatives undertaken in past and proposed areas of cooperation by partners with ITU​

Mr. Sameer Sharma
Senior Advisor
ITU Regional Office for Asia-Pacific
Mr. Alexandru CACIULOIU
Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency Advisor, Programme Coordinator for Southeast Asia and Pacific, 
Dr. James Boorman
Head of Research and Capacity Building
Oceania Cyber Security Centre
Mr. Philip Victor
Managing Director
Welchman Keen
Dr. Mamello Thinyane​
Principal Research Fellow, 
United Nations University 

​​Mr. Marwan Ben Rached
Cybersecurity Coordinator ​​​

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Mr. Adli Wahid 
Security Specialist
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

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