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Regional Initiative 1: Environment, climate change and emergency telecommunications


To raise awareness of and provide support in respect of major challenges in the field of environment, climate change and emergency telecommunications, establish regulatory frameworks, and take necessary measures to address the challenges in this field. 

Expected results:
Assisting countries to: 

  • Issue policy guidelines, regulatory and technical frameworks and necessary measures, providing them with information to meet their needs pertaining to this initiative, specifically in the area of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), emergency telecommunications and the management of electronic waste.
  • Launch training programmers on emergency telecommunications and the adverse effects of exposure to EMF and e-waste, find appropriate solutions to deal with these issues and formulate a model for making use of e-waste in a manner that supports development.
  • Develop information and communication technology (ICT) applications on the basis of which awareness campaigns and programmes can be launched concerning the risks of exposure to EMF and the recycling and processing of e-waste.