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GSR 2023

E-waste Monitor in the Arab Region

​As part of the implementation of the expected results of the ITU Arab Regional Initiative on “Environment, Climate Change and Telecommunications in Emergencies” The ITU Arab Regional Office signed an agreement with the United Nations University (UNU) and and its specialized Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) to implement a regional project on "E-waste Monitor in the Arab Region".

The project aims to collect and improve e-waste statistics in the Arab region and improve the availability and quality of data, as well as formulate a model of policies and regulations related to e-waste management. In addition, the project is to raise awareness and build capacity through workshops and training courses on e-waste statistics.

By the end of the project, the following results are expected:
- Produce estimates of e-waste data in the Arab region by the end of each year starting from 2019 to 2021
- Strengthening the capacity of Arab countries to produce national statistics on e-waste
- Analysis of the status of e-waste management in the Arab region
- Develop a regional model policy for e-waste management in the Arab region
- Develop a regional model regulations for e-waste management in the Arab region
- Issuing a status report for monitoring e-waste in the Arab region.




Eng. Mustafa Al Mahdi
Programme Administrator - ITU ARO


Dr. Kees Baldé
Senior Programme Officer, UNU-ViE SCYCLE at UNU