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ITU Arab Regional Workshop on “Furthering IMT Development: Policy, Spectrum Valuation and Auctions” in the Arab Region,Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, 18-19 December 2018

The ITU Arab Regional Workshop on “Furthering IMT Development: Policy, Spectrum Valuation and Auctions”, will be organized by the ITU Arab Regional Office in collaboration with the Communications and Information Technologies Commission (CITC) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The workshop will be held at CITC premises in Riyadh on 18-19 December 2018.

This workshop is designed to be of interest for mid- to senior-level managers from national policy makers, spectrum regulatory agencies, corporate executives and managers dealing with spectrum management responsibilities in their respective companies and organizations and especially concerned with economic aspects of most efficient utilization of radio spectrum resource for public mobile communications networks. The workshop will enable participants to:

- understand the process and approaches to national Spectrum Management (SM), it's recent international trends and developments in the applied context of developing the International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) networks and services;

- observe the state-of-the-art with the development of IMT, 4G/5G networks and relevant spectrum use trends in the Arab region;

- become familiar with the main economic principles underpinning the efficient SM and learn best practices in spectrum valuation and applying market-based mechanisms for spectrum awards;

- learn the specific case studies and share experiences regarding conduct of recent IMT spectrum auctions as well as applying administrative spectrum pricing;

- get introduced to other relevant regulatory policy initiatives that aim to facilitate the development of IMT services and networks infrastructure from 4G towards future 5G.