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Regional Development Forum (RDF-ARB): “ICT④SDGs: Towards the implementation of WTDC17 outcomes” and The Regional Workshop on Emerging Technologies, Algiers – Algeria, 12-15 February 2018

Regional Development Forum (RDF-ARB): “ICT④SDGs: Towards the implementation of WTDC17 outcomes”, 12-13 Feb 2018:

(Draft Agenda-RDF)

The ITU Regional Development Forum provides an opportunity for high-level dialogue between the Arab Regional Office and decision-makers, governments and regulators, of ITU Member States and Sector Members in the region.
The RDF-ARB 2018 aims to provide a four-year implementation plan (2018-2021) for the WTDC-17 Buenos Aires Action Plan (BaAP) and the five Arab regional initiatives  in the areas of Environment, Climate Change and Emergency Communications, Building Confidence and Security in the Use of Telecommunications/ICTs, Digital Financial Inclusion, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, and Big Data, and Innovation and entrepreneurship. These plans will include activities such as workshops, forums, projects, direct assistance, and/or publications that will be carried out to fulfil the implementation of the BaAP. The implementation plan is based on a series of proposals and commitments from regional office, Member States and other stakeholders. The forum also provides an opportunity for extensive dialogue on strengthening synergies between regional initiatives and the activities of ITU-D study groups, ITU Academy, ITU Centres of Excellence, Academia and membership.

The Regional Workshop on Emerging Technologies,  14- 15 Feb. 2018:

(Draft Agenda-Workshop)

Emerging technologies such as 5G, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things will impact the economic and societal aspects.  This workshop will shed light on the opportunities, benefits and challenges of the application of these technologies in the development of the countries in the Arab region. 

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Paving the Way to IMT-2020 in the Arab Region
  • Situational analysis in Arab countries including report on the Use of Cloud Computing Technology to improve Education in Arab countries.
  • Big Data and Development. Impact of Big Data in the Arab Region
  • Adopting the Internet of Things (IoT): Challenges and Opportunities. Impact of IoT on Development in the Arab region


These activities will be conducted in Arabic , English and French with simultaneous interpretation.