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Advanced training on Cost Modeling and Pricing for Spanish speaking Countries in the Americas


The growing prominence of the quadruple play and new generation networks requires key strategic decisions on policy, regulatory and operational levels. Increased synergy and, at the same time, the competition between fixed, mobile services, internet and broadcasting, the cloud-based services and OTT operators create a scenario of opportunities and challenges with respect to the calculation of costs, pricing and competition. The training is directed to senior executives responsible for formulating policies, regulators, industry and the academic sector related to economics and business, financial and strategic planning for telecommunications and ICT services. The Commission's study 2 of ITU-T is responsible for the operational aspects of the provision of services and the management of telecommunications. The Commission's study group 3 of ITU-T is on economic issues and telecommunications policy. Each Commission regional groups allow the countries of the Americas discuss issues of standardization in a more narrow scope to the regional problems.


Share up-to-date information with and among Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas region in relation to techniques for setting costs and prices for new generation networks and quadruple play environments. Providing a regional forum for discussion and elaboration of standards of operational, economic and political issues in the field of telecommunications.


Senior managers of Government, regulators, industry and the academic world linked to issues of economy, business, financial and strategic planning in Telecom and ICT services, with prior knowledge about cost of networks. The meetings of the regional groups of the ITU-T are aimed at its members.

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