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Regional Economic Dialogue for Africa & Training on Costing Pricing approaches for Digital Communication Services, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 8-12 October 2018


In an evolving digital economy, an enabling environment for ICTs is increasingly recognized as critical for social and economic growth and competitiveness of countries. As the sector and the surrounding ecosystem changes rapidly, there is an even greater need for inclusive dialogue, cooperation and collaboration including with other sectors where ICTs are bringing value.  This is crucial in the context of the Africa region as regulators and policy-makers need to continue to pay attention to fostering infrastructure development, investment in high-speed networks while at the same time focusing enabling a competitive market, fostering consumer protection (privacy, data protection, etc.) and ensuring affordable access for all to ICTs and the digital economy.

The Regional Economics Dialogue (RED) for Africa and workshop on costing, pricing approaches for Digital Communication Services is in line with ITU's commitment for universal access to affordable and secure broadband services and Resolution 25 and 37 of World Telecommunications Development Conference (WTDC-17), Bueno Aires Declaration that calls for the bridging of the digital divide and increased cooperation between member states, sector members and associates for an inclusive ICT growth.

Objective of the Regional Economic Dialogue 

As the only high level forum dedicated to the discussion of Regulatory Economics and Finance in Africa, the objective of RED is to examine the economic implications of future technologies (Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-2-Machine (M2M), Cloud Computing, Big Data and Block chain) and their application in the African region.  The Dialogue will examine existing and emerging opportunities and challenges and explore opportunities for creating an enabling environment for ICT competitiveness and growth in Africa.   

Objective of the Training Workshop

The objective of the workshop is to provide practical hands-on knowledge for regulators and sector members and industry on evolving costing, financing and regulatory pricing methodologies and approaches for digital services including Over the Top services (OTTs); building a case for continued ax-ante or ex-post regulatory approaches in Africa. 

Targeted Audience for the Regional Economic Dialogue  

REDs is designed for high level policy makers, regulators, academia, the industry and associates to debate topical economics and finance aspects for ICTs in Africa

Targeted Audience for the Training workshop 

The training workshop is targeted for middle and senior officials from policy, regulatory, industry, academia and related institutions in charge of economic regulation, finance, cost and pricing of ICT services, market and competition analysis and related areas



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06 BP 9254 Ouagadougou 06 
Tél : +226 25 65 03 00 / 01 / 02


Both the Dialogue and training workshop shall be conducted in English and French


All visitors must have a visa to enter Burkina Faso, except citizens of ECOWAS member countries.


Citizens of the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS) and those of Chad, Cameroon and Morocco do not need a visa as long as their stay in Burkina Faso is less than three months (90 days), but they must present a valid passport (or national identity card) and return ticket.  

Other countries

African citizens from non-ECOWAS member countries and those from non-African countries must have an entry visa issued by the diplomatic mission of Burkina Faso to their country of origin.  

Obtaining a visa upon arrival

Delegates from any country can obtain a visa upon arrival at the Ouagadougou airport. They will be required to pay CFA 94,000 francs (approximately 171 USD) and present two photo ID. However, such persons shall inform the National Commission of Organization of their arrival at least one week beforehand.