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Broadband Networks

​​​​​​​​Broadband technology allows for high-speed transmission of voice, video and data over networks and ICT applications. The introduction of broadband technologies, community antennas, optical fibre, satellite and fixed and mobile wireless has enabled traditional and new forms of telecommunications to become a reality throughout the world. Because physical infrastructure and geography are vastly different from country to country, technology that works well in one geographic area may not work in another.
Given the rapid advancement of telecommunication technologies, broadband access technologies have become available, specifically wireless, which offer performance that is similar to, or improves upon, wired access solutions.
One of the main problems facing the developing countries is the lack of access to broadband services, and low teledensity. This programme will contribute to the goal of digital inclusion by providing assistance for the efficient and cost-effective development of rural, national and international broadband telecommunication networks, including broadband network access allowing the provision of new ICT services and applications. 




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