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Regional Development Forum (RDF) & WTDC 14 Regional Preparatory Meeting (RPM) for the Americas


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RPM closing speech of Mr. Sanou






Regional Telecommunication Development Preparatory Meeting for the Americas


Montevideo, Uruguay

20 – 23 August, 2013


Excellency Mr. Roberto Kreimerman, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Republic of Uruguay

Honorable Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Delegation and high dignitaries here present

Mr. Houlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary General of ITU

Mr. Clovis Baptista, Secretary General of CITEL

Mr. Bernadette Lewis , Secretary General of CTU

Mr. Bruno Ramos, ITU Regional Director for Americas

Distinguished delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen


Let it be my happy duty, to thank the His Excellency, Mr. Roberto Kreimerman, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, the Government, and the people of Uruguay on behalf of all the delegates.

There is an old proverb that says ‘the forest shapes the tree.’ So, if the forest shapes the tree, one is persuaded to reason that the workplace shapes the performance.

I am extremely humbled by the hospitality extended to us by our host. We had excellent facilities before us. No wonder, the meetings have gone so well.

From those I talked to, the Regional Development Forum was a great success, and this RPM was even a greater success.

For this, the Membership deserves all the credit. You submitted 54 contributions rich in content, you came in large numbers: 106 participants from 27 Member States Sector Members for the RDF and the RPM.

You participated actively. The female delegates were 31.25% of the participants and they presented contributions and intervene in the discussions 2.15 times more than the men. This is a big asset for this region.

I am grateful to all of you for your commitment, determination and resolve. To our very abled Chairman Eng. Sergio de Colas, I thank you for your wise leadership and flexibility.

To your vice-chairs Mr. Daniel Carletti Mr. Hector Edmundo Valdes Moreno I say muchas gracias for the work well done.

My thanks go also to the staff of the ministry, to Ms. Carolina Cosse, the President of ANTEL and the staff of ANTEL, and all persons who worked behind the scene to make our stay and work enjoyable.

Distinguished delegates


We just adopted the report of the Chairman of this RPM. As I read it again and again I am very pleased that it summarizes very well all the contributions you submitted and your comments during the discussions.

Some of your contributions may not appear in extenso in the report, but I would like to reassure you that we took good note of them and we took good note all your comments and suggestions. They will inspire and guide our work.

I thank you for your kind words on the work of BDT. I promise you that I will continue to improve and innovate in order to serve each day better that the day before.

As we continue to prepare for the next WTDC, I would like to share with you an ancient Indian proverb of this region that says "We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children". My reading of this proverb is that we should not look at tomorrow with the eyes of yesterday. May this proverb guide our preparations and the proceedings of the WTDC-14.

We need a smart and inclusive strategy for the future, and WTDC-14 will be essential in the elaboration of such strategy for the period 2016-19. In this context, let me draw to your attention once again that the Secretary-General of ITU just launched a public consultation on ITU’s future strategy to ensure as wide participation as possible.

Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I end, let me say this: As we strive to make ICTs universally accessible and to change people’s lives for the better, we should turn to the basicABCs of life. A, for Attitude: because if we have a forward-looking and winning attitude, we succeed. B, for boldness and belief: If we proceed with boldness and the belief that we will make a dent to this world, we will succeed. And C, for Circumstances and Commitment: because even if the external environment brings challenges to our doorsteps, we should remain committed to the cause knowing that we are the agents of change for future generations.

Allow me to thank the ITU team for the great work done in the preparation and the support during the proceedings of the meeting. I would like to mention particularly Mr. Bruno Ramos the Regional Director for Americas and the regional team. Bruno took office only on 1st April 2013. In 4 months he was able to lead the preparation and assume very professionally the role of Secretary of the RPM. We are all proud of you.

To the interpreters I say thank you for permitting us to communicate.

My final word to you is : Please do not assume that I am too busy to receive your phone call, respond to your e-mail message or letter, and welcome you in my office in Geneva when you visit. I am in this office to serve, and serve you all at all times. No issue is too small to receive my attention.

I look forward to seeing you in the Study Group meetings, the TDAG and WTDC-14.

In the meantime I wish safe journey back home

Thank you.