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Regional Development Forum (RDF) & WTDC 14 Regional Preparatory Meeting (RPM) for the Americas


Registration and Fellowship Requests Opened


Pre-registration is being carried out exclusively online through focal points designated by each entity entitled to participate in the RPM and RDF for the Americas Region (AMS).

The role of a focal point is to handle registration formalities for all participants in his/her entity.

The list of focal points can be accessed using a TIES log-in at this address

Designated Focal points can register here.

If your entity does not have a focal point please contact:

To modify the contact details of a focal point, or to change a focal point, an official fax from an authorized official should be sent to the BDT Registration Service at: +41 22 730 5484 or +41 22 730 5545), providing the updated details: last name, first name and e-mail address.