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​​​​​​​​​​​​​TDAG-24 meeting
20-23 May ​2024

TDAG visual_20-23 May 2024.png

The 31st meeting of the Telecommunication Development Adviso​ry Group (TDAG) was held physically in Geneva, at the ITU Headquarters, from 20 to 23 May 2024.​

During this TDAG meeting, membership was able to assess, through the various documents and reports submitted by the Secretariat, the alignment of the implementation of the Kigali Action Plan (KAP) with the Union's Strategic Plan. Reports were presented to TDAG on the progress made at the various Regional Development Forums held since its last meeting as well as the many initiatives launched, and partnerships signed. TDAG-24 also discussed and decided on preparations for WTDC-25.  

Following the creation of two TDAG Working Groups on Streamlining Resolutions (TDAG-WG-SR) and on the future of Study Group Questions (TDAG-WG-futureSGQ) during the 30th meeting of TDAG, held in Geneva, from 19 to 23 June 2023, the chairs of these groups reported on the progress related to their work.

Insights from TDAG-24

Communiqué: Strengthening and streamlining ITU-D’s work and activities to deliver BDT4Impact

Watch some highlights from TDAG-24 here