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Lightning Session
Wednesday 12 July 2017, 17h00-17h20
Supported by EMEA Satellite Operators Association (ESOA)


Connectivity Barriers to Financial Inclusion

Access to financial, banking and money transfer services is a prerequisite for economic growth all around the world and, in particular, in emerging economies. Satellite communications are enabling affordable, high quality solutions to enable money transfer, micro-finance, ATMs and connect remote bank agencies. These services help transform the socio-economic lives of citizens through financial literacy and access but important regulatory barriers exist that prevent their benefits from reaching regions that need them most.

Kumar Singarajah, Global Spectrum and Regulatory Policy, ESOA
Kumar Singarajah is Director of Regulatory Affairs and Business Development of Avanti Communications PLC and an active member of ESOA’s Regulatory Working Group. As well as being on Avanti’s Executive Committee, he is responsible for regulatory and government relations as well as business development and new space system development activities. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London, an MSc in Mobile & Satellite Communications from University of Surrey and an MBA from the Open University. He has worked in senior positions in the space and telecommunications sectors for about 30 years including at Logica, SES, Inmarsat and ICO Global.

Ruth Pritchard-Kelly, Global Spectrum and Regulatory Policy, ESOA
Ruth Pritchard-Kelly has been O3b (now 'SES Networks') Director for Regulatory Affairs since 2010. She is also an active member of ESOA’s Regulatory Working Group. She has helped O3b access new markets around the world by working with governments on the regulations necessary to allow O3b’s innovative orbit and Ka-band frequencies to be used by local operators. Previously, she taught Internet law and has worked for the American Mobile Satellite Corporation. She has both a JD and an MA in Space Policy.