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GSR15 Agenda Day 3


Thursday 11 June 2015           

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Regulators' day

​10.00 – 11.15 

​Session 7 - Fostering e-accessibility: The regulator as an enabler

This session will examine measures regulators can take to foster accessibility to ICT services for all to achieve digital inclusion.
  • How to define accessible ICTs? 
  • How to guarantee accessibility for all? Extending universal access policy beyond availability and affordability to include accessibility.
  • What measures can the ICT regulator take?
  • Extending accessibility features to m-services and applications
  • Regulators' success stories and lessons learned

Presentation: Discussion paper on the ITU Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report​Presentation, Ms Sofie Maddens-Toscano​, Head RME Division, ITU/BDT

Interactive panel discussion 

Moderator: Mr Ronald Box, Regulator, TTR, Vanuatu
- Mr Eng.Hesham El Alaily, Executive President, NTRA, Egypt
- Ms Mignon Clyburn​, Commissioner, FCC, United States
- Dr Vijayalakshmy K. Gupta, Member, TRAI, India

Coffee Break
​11.30 – 12.45 

​Session 8 - Smart regulation to facilitate m-services and applications?

This session will examine the role of the regulator and the regulatory measures needed to facilitate the deployment and diffusion of m-services and applications to achieve social development goals.
  • M-services: a tool to achieve social development in the digital society by promoting key services such as m-health, m-education, m-agriculture, m-payments, m-investment (m-donations, crowd funding, etc.), m-of everything
  • Lifting barriers related to the costing of short codes, taxation, privacy, content regulation, standards, traffic management, etc. 
  • M-applications and services: a tool to empower consumers and citizens                
  • Regulation in a cross-sectoral environment: a balancing act
  • Regulators' experiences and success stories

Presentation: Discussion paper on M-services and applications: Perspectives on regulatory measures to foster diffusion and access​​│Presentation​, Ms Mercy Wanjau, Assistant Director/Regulatory & Governance, Communications Authority of Kenya

Interactive panel discussion 

​Moderator: Dr Dražen Lučić, President of Council, Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM)
- Ms Kathleen Riviere-Smith​, Chief Executive Officer, Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), Bahamas
- Ms Katharina Pillay​, Councillor, ICASA, South Africa
- Mr Collins Chomba​, Manager Interconnection and Competition, on behalf of Ms Chalwe-Mudenda, Director General, ZICTA, Zambia


Lunch Break
14.15 – 15.30

Concluding Discussion: How regulation impacts broadband uptake?

 The session will offer regulators the opportunity to share their experiences on regulatory measures taken to foster broadband access, ensure quality of service and stimulate broadband uptake.
  • Overview of incentive regulations to achieve the triple A (Accessibility, Availability and Affordability)
  • How QoS influences consumer satisfaction and the uptake of services? What measures should be taken to ensure QoS? 
  • A focus on the role of the regulator, its mandate, powers and regulatory tools               
  • What works? What doesn't work
  • Learning from regulators' experiences

Moderator: Ms Magdalena Gaj, President, UKE, Poland

-      H.E. Mr Seng Kong​, First Member, TRC, Cambodia​
- Mr Manuel Emilio Ruiz, Board Member, Sutel, Costa Rica 
- Mr René Doenni Kuoni​, Director of Telecoms and Board Member, OFCOM, Switzerland

Coffee Break
15.30 – 17-00 Way forward and closing