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GSR15 discussion papers

​​​​Investment strategies for the deployment of broadband access to the digital
Mr Iqbal Bedi, Principal Analysys Mason 
​   Paper             Presentation
Network sharing
Mr Malcom Webb, Partner, WebbHenderson
​   Pa​​per             Presentation
Taxation in the digital economy
Dr Raul Katz, President, Telecom Advisory Services LLC and Director, Business Strategy Research, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information
​   Paper             Presentation​
Regulations and the Internet of Thing (IoT)
Prof. Ian Brown, Associate Director of Oxford University's Cyber Security Centre and Professor of Information Security and Privacy at the Oxford Internet Institute​​
​   Paper​             Presentation​
Interoperability in the digital ecosystem​
Prof. Dr Urs Gasser, Professor and Executive Director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University​ 
​   Paper             Presentation​
​ITU e-accessibility policy report including regulatory frameworks   Paper              Presentation​
M-services and applications: Perspectives on regulatory measures to foster diffusion and access
Ms Mercy Wanjau, Assistant Director, Communications Authority, Kenya 
​   Paper​             Presentation​