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USTTI-ITU Behind the Scenes Look at Emerging Technologies

Ahead of the 20th Edition of the ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-20) the USTTI and ITU will team up to provide regulatory officials  with a behind the scenes look at the work taking place to prepare for the deployment and usage of emerging technologies. During the webinar sessions on August 27 and August 28, subject matter experts will provide regulators with information on  the Technological Underpinnings of Emerging Technologies and the Spectrum planning that is taking place to enable these new services.

Thursday August 27​

Spectrum Planning for Emerging Technologies
As the competing demands for spectrum access intensify, Ronald Repasi, the Acting Chief of the United States Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC), Office of Engineering and Technology will talk about work the FCC has been doing in pursuing both exclusive use and shared spectrum allocations among various services and technologies. The training will also walk through several examples to highlight the FCC’s continued pursuit of greater spectrum access for all types of services and technologies. 

Additionally, information will be shared on Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology and how it opens the door for operators to seamlessly transition from 4G to 5G networks. Speakers will discuss how this technology functions and how it can speed the path for operators to move from 4G to 5G.

Friday August 28

Technological Underpinnings of Emerging Technologies 
Get a “behind the scenes" view of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI),  Internet of Things (IoT), and the Edge.  This session will discuss artificial intelligence from hardware to software capabilities and real-world applications across multiple usage scenarios, as well as provide an overview of IoT and the Edge.  We will explore the latest technologies and standards underpinning this landscape and how they interact with key policy and regulatory trends.