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GSR-20 Regional Regulatory Roundtable Discussion: Competition Policy and Analysis in Digital Apps Environment for Arab and Africa Regions


The GSR-20 ​​Regional Regulatory Roundtable 
for Arab and Africa regions 

This webinar is organized within the framework of GSR-20 and aims at engaging representatives of the National Regulatory Authorities as well as other stakeholders from the Africa and Arab regions to advance discussions on Competition Policy and Analysis in a Digital Apps environment.  

This session will provide an analysis of the ICTs competition policy and regulation and the foundation for understanding the rules of competition and the regulatory powers that apply to the telecommunications sector, considering the wider competitive landscape that now includes digital platforms. In the Arab and Africa regions the important technological trends of digitalization and of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are very diverse due to different levels of development both between and within Arab and Africa countries. These differences are represented by the level of infrastructure development, ICTs services penetration rates, economic conditions, ICTs contribution to job market, adequate ICTs policies and regulation specifically for Least Developing Countries (LDCs).

Discussions and reports to be presented at the webinar will aim to build knowledge and skills of ICT policy makers, regulators, industry and academia and provide them with the necessary policy and regulation tools to address competition issues in a digital applications environment with emphasis on two-sided and multi-sided markets. 

The speakers will highlight digital strategies and innovative solutions adopted in terms of competition policy and analysis in a Digital Apps Environment​. An open discussion with all participants will explore the related challenges, opportunities and lessons learned in the form of an interactive discussion by eminent panellists and open discussion with participants.​

The Meeting will also provide a unique opportunity to discuss the GSR-20 consultation leading towards adoption of the GSR-20 Best Practice Guidelines, being an outcome document of the Global Symposium for Regulators, in particular​ the regional point of view that might be reflected in the 2020 edition of the Guidelines. (See BDT/DKH​​​/RME/DM/150).


Opening Remarks

Presentation of the GSR and the Best Practices Guidelines

Session One: Evolution of competition policy and regulation in the context of the digital markets

     The global and regional perspectives - including an analysis of global and regional digital players
        in Arab and Africa regions
     Implications at national level​

Session Two: From ex-ante to ex-post regulation: Are we there yet?  Knowledge Exchange session on national and regional experiences in the Africa and Arab Regions

    • Developments in Regional Associations (AREGNET, ARICEA, EACO and ARTAC, WATRA, CRASA) –
        what are regional frameworks and trends?
    • Country Case studies from Arab and Africa region

Recommendations and Way Forward
     Recommendations on partnerships: collaboration, coordination and capacity development. ​​

Concluding Remarks