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New statistics platform offers more data, enhanced user experience
29 June 2022
- ITU DataHub is the world’s richest source of internationally comparable digital technology statistics and regulatory information
100 days to the Plenipotentiary Conference!
24 June 2022
- Support our communication and advocacy initiatives ahead of PP-22 and help strengthen ITU’s impact in the years ahead
Greenest tech firms pave way for sustainable future
22 June 2022
- Nearly a quarter of the world’s top 150 digital technology companies are set to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030
World Telecommunication Development Conference forges path to meaningful global connectivity
16 June 2022
- Leaders at landmark ITU meeting in Kigali adopt roadmap for digital transformation in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals
ITU Secretary-General receives Rwandan national honour medal
14 June 2022
- Houlin Zhao was recognized for fostering crucial international cooperation amid rapid telecom and technology globalization
Partner2Connect Coalition mobilizes USD 18.5 billion to connect the unconnected
09 June 2022
- Over 360 ground-breaking pledges to advance universal meaningful connectivity promise to improve billions of lives around the world
World Summit on the Information Society puts technology at forefront of sustainable development
08 June 2022
- The final week of WSIS Forum 2022 featured high-level, interactive policy sessions and global innovation prizes
Global potential of Internet remains largely untapped, says UN agency for digital technology
06 June 2022
- Growing ‘connectivity canyon’ emerging between the hyperconnected and the ‘digitally destitute’, with more than one third of humanity still totally offline
ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference opens in Kigali, Rwanda
06 June 2022
- Heads of State, Ministers and top industry players join forces to harness digital technology to drive global development
ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission urges faster global action on digital development
05 June 2022
- Commissioners meeting in Kigali outlined next steps for accelerating inclusive universal connectivity, setting the stage for tomorrow’s opening of the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference

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