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Special issue on IoBNT



As Internet of Things (IoT) approaches technological maturity with growing number of applications on the market, new integrative ideas emerge to push the current boundaries of IoT and extend its application range. One such approach follows a holistic view and regards the universe as an interconnected entity which is to be observed, understood, and manipulated with new information and communication technologies (ICT). At the center of this approach lies an emerging ICT framework, the Internet of Bio-NanoThings (IoBNT), envisioning the heterogeneous collaborative networks of natural and artificial nano-biological functional devices (e.g., engineered bacteria, human cells, nanobiosensors), seamlessly integrated to the Internet infrastructure. IoBNT is positioned to extend our connectivity and control over non-conventional domains (e.g., human body) with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution, enabling paradigm-shifting applications, particularly in the healthcare domain, such as intrabody continuous health monitoring and theranostic systems with single molecular precision. 

The broad application prospects of IoBNT have attracted significant research interest at the intersection of ICT, bio-nanotechnology, and medical sciences, with the great majority of studies directed towards (i) the design and implementation of Bio-NanoThings (BNTs), (ii) the understanding of natural IoBNT (e.g., nervous nanonetwork), (iii) the development of communication and networking methods for IoBNT (e.g., molecular communications), (iv) the design of bio/cyber and nano/macro interfaces, and (v) the development of new IoBNT applications.

Along the aforementioned directions, this special issue will present the most recent advances with respect to the theoretical foundations and practical implementation of IoBNT towards health applications.


Internet of Bio-Nano Things, nanonetworks, molecular communications, nanobiosensors, synthetic biology, bio-cyber interfaces, neural interfaces, nanoscale energy harvesting, human-body networks, big data, security, smart drug delivery, continuous health monitoring, chemical reaction networks, gut-brain axis, transmitter/receiver architectures, detection, modulation, coding, channel sensing, medium a​ccess


Prospective authors are cordially invited to submit their original manuscript (research or survey/tutorial article) on the suggested topics listed in the FULL call for papers [download ​here​].​​

Leading Guest Editor

​​​ Bige Deniz Unluturk, Michigan State University​​, USA ​ ​

Guest Editors

Murat Kuscu, Koc University, Turkey
Erin Purcell, Michigan State University, USA
Wen Li, Michigan State University, USA ​
Ulkuhan Guler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Nureddin Ashammakhi​, University of California Los Angeles, USA