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​​SMEs are essential to achieving national economic growth and development objectives, including advancing the digital ecosystems that are fundamental to sustainable economic development.

By participating in ITU​, an SME will have the chance to network with 193 Member States, 700 private sector entities and over 150 Academic Institutions.  T​​he company will also play an important role in the development​ of international standards, best practices and recommendations for information communication technologies or ICTs.



SME Pilot Project

As part of a no-fee pilot project, SMEs are invited to participate in the following Study Groups of the Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T):  Study Group 5 – Environment and circular economy; Study Group 11 – Signalling requirements, protocols and test specifications, Study Group 16 – Multimedia and Study Group 20 – IoT, smart cities & communities; and the following Study Groups in the  ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D): Study Group 1 – Enabling environment for the development of telecommunications/ICTs and Study Group 2 – ICT services and applications for the promotion of sustainable development

The pilot is currently ongoing until the end of 2019.
​More than 20 SMEs participate in the SME pilot project. More information is available

Participation in ITU Activities

​In November 2018, PP-18 adopted Resolution 209 (Dubai, 2018), which encourages SMEs to participate as Associates in all three Sectors of the Union, with reduced fees. This new reduced fee membership option is expected to be implemented following the pilot project at the beginning of 2020. 

If your company meets national SME criteria, please, you can apply to join the SME pilot. Please, send your expression of interest to  ​


SME Success Stories

In ITU-T SG16, ASTEM (Japan) contributed significant specifications for standards on accessible IPTV terminals and their testing, which are now found in (Recommendation ITU-T H.702 and Technical Paper ITU-T HSTP-CONF-H702). 

Wayfin​dr (UK) brought specifications for audio-based network navigation system for persons with vision impairment and its conformance testing (Recommendation ITU-T F.921 and Technical Paper ITU-T HSTP-CONF-F921). Wayfindr also developed an associated online training material that is available from the ITU Academy platform


Other Activities