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Additional Plenipotentiary Conference (Geneva, 1992)

7 December - 22 December 1992 - Geneva, Switzerland

The High Level Committee (HLC) established by the Nice Plenipotentiary Conference made a number of recommendations in its report ​Tomorrow’s ITU: The challenges of change. All of the HLC recommendations were accepted by the 1992 Additional Plenipotentiary Conference.

The main structural changes were the following. The full time 5-member IRFB was changed into a part-time 9-member Radio Regulations Board (RRB). The Specialised Secretariats of the IFRB and the CCIR were merged and transformed into a Bureau for Radiocommunications (BR). The elected Director of the CCIR became the Director of the new bureau as well as the Secretary of the RRB. The Specialised Secretariat of the CCITT was transformed into the Telecommunication Standardisation Bureau (TSB) headed by an elected Director. The work of the Union was thus organized into three bureaus, one each for Radiocommunications, Telecommunication Standardisation and Development. Each Sector would have an Advisory Group, drawn from member States as well as the private sector, to advise the director of the Bureau on the work of his/her Sector. The Administrative Council was renamed the Council and was entrusted with more policy matters. A regular cycle of conferences was established to help the Union rapidly respond to new technological advances.
Plenipotentiary Conference (Geneva, 1992)
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Final Acts of APP-92 (Geneva, 1992)(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Actes finals de la APP-92 (Genève, 1992)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Actas Finales de la APP-92 (Ginebra, 1992)(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Final Acts of APP-92 (Geneva, 1992)(عربي)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Final Acts of APP-92 (Geneva, 1992)(中文)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Final Acts of APP-92 (Geneva, 1992)(Pусский)download PDF PDF (acrobat)


Final List of Documents of APP-92 (Geneva, 1992)(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 1-100(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 101-212(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document DT No. 1-15(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document DL No. 1-2(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Preparatory Documents(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Liste finale des documents de la APP-92 (Genève, 1992)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 1-100(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 101-212(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document DT No. 1-15(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document DL No. 1-2(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documents préparatoires(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Lista Final de Documentos de la APP-92 (Ginebra, 1992)(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 1-100(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 101-212(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos DT No. 1-15(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos DL No. 1-2(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos preparatorios(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)

List of participants

List of Participants of APP-92 (Geneva, 1992) [English/French/Spanish](Multilingual)download PDF PDF (acrobat)


Mr. Bernard de Riedmatten (Switzerland)

Countries participating



Tarjanne, P. "Historic Decisions: Editorial." Telecommunciation Journal 60, no. 2 (1993): 53.(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
"ITU Plenipotentiaries Agree on a New ITU." Telecommunication Journal 60, no. 2 (1993): 55-62.(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
"First BDT Director Elected." Telecommunication Journal 60, no. 2 (1993): 63.(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)

Library Catalogue

Link to the ITU Library Catalogue (Geneva, 1992)(Multilingual) URL


APP News(Multilingual)download PDF PDF (acrobat)