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Online registration for Council, CWG and EG meetings

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Events from the General Secretariat

​​Registration information related to the Virtual thematic briefings with Councillors - on 9 May and 22 June 2023 - are sent via email to Council Member States.

New! Registration to the ITU 2023 session of the Council is open​.
Click here to registe​r!​ (link open to Member States, States of Palestine and Sector Members nominated for C23).

The badging opening hours will be confirmed at a later stage but a draft schedule is available below:​

​                    Opening hours of the badging desk​​
            (ITU headquarte​rs, Montbrillant building)

​Friday, 7 July 2023
​1400-1700 hours
​Monday, 10 July 2023
​0800-1200 and 1330-1700 hours
​Tuesday, 11 July to Friday, ​14 July 2023
​​0800-1200 and 1330-1700 hours
Monday, 17 July to Friday, 21 July 2023
​0830-1200 and 1330-1700 hours
Saturdays and Sundays
Important: you will be required to present a photo ID card or the passport in order to collect your event badge.​

Registration details to the cluster of Council Working Groups and Expert Groups, to be held from Monday, 18 September to Friday, 29​ September 2023, will be indicated at a later stage.

Information for new participants

Registration is carried out individually and exclusively online by each participant, whether for onsite or remote participation. Registration requests will​ be approved online by Registration Focal Points (RFP) of entities/ 
organizations that are entitled to participate in the selected meeting(s).
In order to access the registration form, each participant must be in possession of an ITU user account (IUA) beforehand, otherwise the account must be created by following the steps below:  

Step one: Create your user account (IUA)

To create your user account click here.
Information on how to create the acc​ount is available here.
Once your IUA is created and you are in possession of your Username and password, then return on this web page and follow Step two

Step two: Complete the registration form

​Once your user account is created and confirmed, you will be able to subm​it the online registration form; kindly note that remote participation and visa assistance must be requested directly online (when applicable). A registration will be considered as valid once the participant has received his/her registration confirmation. Should you need to contact your registration focal point (RFP) please go to this link (TIES protected). 

Note: when events are held virtually only, the remote participation being automatic, this will not be proposed as an option on the registration form.

Step to be followed by Registration Focal Points only

A Registration Focal Point (RFP) is someone who has been officially designated by his Administration/organization to act as conta​ct person in order to deal with registration matters regarding his Administration/organization. These Administrations/organizations must be part of the ITU Membership.

As Registration Focal Point, you should normally already be in possession of your user account or TIES access. If you have forgotten your password, go to the "create your user account" link and click on "forgot password". 

Registration Focal Points can view the list of delegates' registration requests made under their Administration/ organization he/she is responsible for, and validate (or reject)​ these registrations via this link. Please note that, for some meetings, registrations can be confirmed directly by the ITU secretariat.

Any question?​
Please contact us at sg-registration [at]