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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

​​​​​​Updated: 02 March​ 2022

  1. What is the status, dates, and location of WTSA and GSS?
  2. Is there COVID-19 specific information related to participation in WTSA and GSS?
  3. Is there guidance for room seating due to COVID-19 regulations?
  4. What if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 within the meeting, either through an ITU staff or a delegate, and the need for transparency on that – especially if asymptomatic?
  5. What cleaning / air circulation will occur in the meeting rooms for both between meetings and at the end of each day? And what about the status of air conditioning/circulation in the CICG and ITU buildings?
  6. Will COVID-19 testing facilities be available for WTSA-20 and GSS-20 delegates?
  7. What happens if COVID-19 persists and travel would not be possible in March 2022?
  8. How will participant registration for WTSA-20 and GSS-20 be done?
  9. Are fellowships offered to participate in WTSA-20?
  10. Are there preferred hotels?
  11. Where will GSS-20 take place?
  12. Where will WTSA-20 meetings take place?
  13. At what time is CICG accessible?
  14. At what time are ITU HQ meeting rooms accessible?
  15. Could meeting rooms be reserved for regional organization coordination meetings?
  16. How to submit a Contribution to WTSA-20?
  17. What is the WTSA Contribution deadline?
  18. How to access the WTSA-20 Contributions received so far?
  19. What tools will be used to manage WTSA-20 Proposals?
  20. What’s the deadline for the nomination of Chairmen and Vice Chairmen to TSAG, SGs, and SCV?
  21. What will be the structure and leadership of WTSA-20?
  22. Once WTSA is held in 2022, when will be the subsequent WTSA?
  23. What is the designation of this and next study period?
  24. Will remote participation be made available to all meetings: Plenary, Committee, ad-hoc groups, drafting groups, etc.?
  25. Who can participate in decision making?
  26. What can TSAG decide on, vis-a-vis WTSA?
  27. Is decision making in WTSA different from TSAG and SG meetings?
  28. Which arrangements are being made for Committee 5 (Editorial) to keep this meeting "open" and with remote participation? Will it be meeting physically?
  29. Is it possible to agree that all WTSA-20 meetings would be time-bound to 8:00 to 19:00 hours Monday through Friday (meaning no evening session and no weekend meetings)?
  30. Is it possible to ensure that all meetings (of any type) would only be held with remote participation being provided?
  31. If there is no consensus on certain modifications to resolutions, what is the resulting conclusion?