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To encourage participation of developing countries and subject to availability of funds, one full, or two partial fellowships may be granted per eligible Member State. Full fellowship will cover the air ticket (one return economy class ticket by the most direct/economical route from the country of origin to the meeting venue), and an appropriate daily subsistence allowance (intended to cover accommodation, meals and incidental expenses). In case of two partial fellowships, at least one should be the air ticket. Member States shall cover the remainder of the cost of the participation.

The duly validated fellowship request form (Annex 3) and its annexes must be returned to Fellowship Service by e-mail to fellowships[at]​ or by fax: + 41 22 730 57 78, by 17 January 2022 at the latest. Reg​istration for the meeting prior to submitting the fellowship request is mandatory.

​Please note that the decision criteria to grant a fellowship include:​

​Member States are encouraged to select their candidates taking into consideration the gender balance and the inclusion of applicants with disabilities and with specific needs. ​

Taking into consideration possible travel restrictions, Member States can apply for participation grants, known as e-fellowship. The duly validated application form (Annex 4​) and its annexes must be returned to the ITU Fellowship Service by 17 January 2022 at the latest.