Your guide towards a COVID-19 free ITU event

Latest news: (July the 07th 2022)

The Swiss State Secretariat for Migration has decided to lift from Monday 2 May 2022 all remaining requirements for entering Switzerland currently in place. As of that date, entry into Switzerland will again be possible under the usual conditions, i.e. those prevailing before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PP-22 COVID-19 information sheet has been added.

Welcome to the COVID-19 free ITU event page. This website was designed to help you gather the latest information about the COVID-19 situation, the safety and security processes related to your participation to an event.

For event-specific guidelines, please download files from COVID-19 Measures per event section (blue column).

For generic guidelines, tips for participants and event organizers, please refer to the COVID-19 Free experience step by step on the chronogram here below.

We hope these pages will help you prepare a safe, secure and COVID-19 free mission.

Prior to departure

At the airport

Landing at destination

At the Hotel

Entering the venue

In a Plenary hall

Networking and catering


Use of face masks

Use of face masks is compulsory at the venues, except in specific parts of the catering area.

Social distancing

Spaces and access control, flows and capacities designed to ensure social distancing between people.

Sanitizing stations

Deployment of hand sanitizing stations with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers throughout the venue.

Disinfection and cleaning

Reinforcement of the cleaning and disinfection protocols to fully guarantee the attendees’ safety.

Reinforced ventilation

Improvement of the ventilation system by means of the use of antibacterial filters and increased air renewal frequency.


100% digital registration and access control, cashless payments in all the catering outlets, an online sales service and minimisation of the use and exchange of physical deliverables during the event.

Contact traceability

Location of sales contacts through the Lead Retrieval system, which identifies and monitors them in the event of a positive case.

AI for capacity control

Cameras equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to regulate the capacities and flows. Wi-Fi control of capacity distribution to ensure social distancing.


Vaccination requirements and information will be published on this website and can be accessed from the download area. The information will be updated on regular basis.


The different types of test will be published on this website and can be accessed from the download area. The information will be updated on regular basis.