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WTSA-16 Documents

​​In-force texts:
The in-force ITU-T Resolutions, A-series Recommendations and Opinion form the basis upon which WTSA-16 will develop and approve its outcomes. These Provisions are available at:​ It is essential to use the in-force versions of Provisions when submitting Proposals to WTSA-16, therefore please use the web-based Conference Proposals Interface (CPI) for preparing and submitting Proposals.​
Submitting Contributions:
Delegations are invited to submit Contributions to WTSA-16 at least four weeks before the Assembly (Monday, 26 September 2016), noting the firm submission deadline of Monday, 10 October 2016. Early availability of Contributions ensures sufficient time for translation and consideration before the Assembly.
Proposals should be prepared and submitted using the Conference Proposals Interface (CPI):
For guidance and support regarding the preparation and submission of Contributions, please contact

Document distribution:
WTSA-16 and GSS-16 will be paperless. Exceptions can be made upon request for persons with specific needs, in which case please contact:
Links to WTSA-16 documents are listed on the right-hand side of this page.
Preparatory documents for WTSA-16 include:
There is an electronic notification service that may be used to alert delegates when new documents have been posted. Details of how to subscribe to this notification service are available at:  

Access to meeting documents:​
In order to access Assembly documents or the electronic notification service, it is necessary to have a TIES account. Please see for TIES registration information.
A wireless LAN will be available to delegates during the Assembly. Details will be published at the venue.

WTSA-16 Circulars