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Input Documents

JCA-CIT Input Documents (2013-2016)

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NumberDocument TitleSource
Doc 045​LS/i/r to SG11 on request to all SGs to follow up on the Council 2013 C&I Action Items for implementation by ITU-T SGs (reply to COM11-LS44r1)  [from ITU-T SG9]ITU-T Study Group 9
Doc 046LS/i/r on official liaison officers of ITU-T SGs in JCA-CIT (reply to JCA-CIT- LS14) [from ITU-T SG3]ITU-T Study Group 3
Doc 047LS/i/r regarding progress status on the pilot project for M.3170 series conformance testing (reply to SG11-LS 30) [from ITU- SG2]ITU-T Study Group 2
Doc 048​The outcomes of the ITU Test event “Performance assessment of vehicle-mounted mobile phones in conjunction with Hands-free Terminals according to Recommendations ITU-T P.1100 and ITU-T P.1110” (12-16 May 2014)TSB​
Doc 049​ITU C&I Programme, Key activities and main ITU outcomes which are related to the implementation of ITU C&ITSB
Doc 050Draft Report of the Correspondence Group (CG) on Collaboration between ITU‑T and testing laboratories for ITU C&I programme; November 2013 to July 2014Convener of CG
Doc 051APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability EventVice-Chairman of SG11
Doc 052Agenda for the 4th meeting of JCA-CIT (2013-2016)Convener, JCA-CIT