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Introduction to ITU-T Focus Groups and Recommendation A.7

Focus Groups are an instrument created by ITU–T to provide an additional working environment for the quick development of standards in specific areas. The procedure in ITU-T Rec. A.7 defines how an "arms-length" entity (called a "Focus Group" in ITU-T parlance) can be created to work with an ITU–T Study Group as a parent body while at the same time maintaining a high degree of independence, in particular concerning working methods, types of outputs, membership, financing, and administration.

Focus Groups generate outputs in well-defined areas within a short-term charter; these products can remain stand-alone Focus Group deliverables (e.g. Technical Specifications or Technical Reports), or may be proposed into the Study Groups for progression into traditional ITU-T products (e.g. Recommendations and Supplements).

Focus Groups can originate from within ITU-T or from an external group. Two examples are the URN Focus Group (endogenous) and the FS-VDSL Focus Group (exogenous). See links below for details and examples.

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