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Terms and Definitions about Focus Groups and Rec. A.7
A.7 : Catalogue number of the ITU-T document (Recommendation) that defines the framework for the creation of Focus Groups
Focus Group : Focus Groups are an instrument defined by ITU–T in ITU-T Rec. A.7 to foster a more efficient working environment for the development of standards. The rules define how an "arms-length" entity (Focus Groups in ITU–T parlance) can be created to work with an ITU–T Study Group as a parent body while at the same time maintaining a high degree of independence.
FGTS : Focus Group Technical Specifications, a possible type of Focus Group deliverable containing technical specifications.
FGRC : Focus Group Review Committee, which is composed by the parent study group leadership (chairmen/vice-chairmen/working party chairmen), the TSAG Chairman and the Director of TSB.
Study Groups : Higher-level ITU-T technical working groups. Internally organized in Working Parties (technical subgroups) and Questions, which develop specific work items.
TSB : Telecommunications Standardization Bureau, which provides for the Secretariat and other supporting functions of the ITU-T.
TSAG : Telecommunications Standardization Advisory Group. It is the "oversight" group of ITU-T, whose principal duties are to review priorities, programmes, operations, financial matters and strategies for the ITU-T's activities, to review progress in the implementation of its work programme, provide guidelines for the work of the study groups and to recommend measures, among others, to foster cooperation and coordination with other relevant bodies, within ITU-T and with the Radiocommunication and Development Sectors and the General Secretariat, and with other standardization organizations, forums and consortia outside ITU.