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Application fields of ASN.1

Though initially used for specifying the email protocol within the Open Systems Interconnection environment, ASN.1 has since then been adopted for a wide range of other applications, as in network management, secure email, cellular telephony, air traffic control, and voice and video over the Internet.
  • Audio and video over the Internet, electronic commerce, digital certificates, secure email, radio paging, interactive television, financial service systems, networking and computing operating systems use ASN.1 and its encoding rules.
  • Third- and fourth-generation wireless communications technologies (UMTS, LTE, and WiMAX 2) rely on ASN.1 for all the interactions between a mobile device and the carrier's network that make a cellular phone call possible and which support Internet connectivity from a mobile device.. fin
  • ASN.1 software is used in Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Outlook. It is also found in wireless applications from Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola. ASN.1 is used in cryptography technology used to provide security for credit card purchases over the Internet. Biometrics, ATM transactions, 800-number call routing to local carriers, plane take-offs and landings all rely on ASN.1. When FedEx tracks a package, it is done thanks to ASN.1.
  • Millions of cars and trucks are produced every year using diagnostic monitoring systems that rely on ASN.1. ASN.1 messages are used in the detection of faults in production equipment and to dispatch maintenance personnel