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​Tools for ASN.1 are available on almost all operating systems. They generate code for popular programming languages such as Java, C and C++, as well as older ones including COBOL. As an example of ASN.1's universality, there are tools that have been ported to over 250 different computing platforms.
There are a lot of well-tested ASN.1 tools that have been used for a long time. Using such tools, there are less likely to be costly delays in bringing new products to market or, even worse, recalling products based on new code that hasn't been sufficiently tested for flaws.

ASN.1 compiler and runtime support

  • OSS ASN.1 Tools (OSS Nokalva, Inc.)
    Highly optimized & reliable ASN.1 tools with BER, DER, CER, OER, PER, UPER, XER/CXER/E-XER(XML) runtimes for C, C++, C# and Java. More than low-level ASN.1 support.
  • Asn1Compiler (uniGone)
    ASN.1:2002 compiler, BER, DER, PER and EXTENDED-XER (E-XER) encoding; generates Java and C#
  • ANSSI-FR/pycrate
    A Python library to ease the development of encoders and decoders for various protocols and file formats; contains ASN.1 and CSN.1 compilers.

Compilers for other versions of the ASN.1 standards


Java tools

XML tools

  • OSS XSD Tools (OSS Nokalva, Inc.)
    Binds XSD schemas to C representations; produces XML and binary encodings based on ITU-T Rec. X.694; validates XSD schemas and XML instances

ECN tools

Other tools

  • OSS ASN-1Step 
    A complete ASN.1 IDE for creating, analyzing and debugging ASN.1 schemas and messages.
  • ASN1VE, enhanced commercial version
  • Libtasn1
    Library for ASN.1 structures management
  • ASN.1 Decoder 4.0
    Transforms a BER encoding into an XML structure and shows it in a tree view