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Teleconferencing and videoconferencing

  • Many protocols related to multimedia are specified using ASN.1. Some examples are audiovisual and multimedia systems (ITU-T H.200 series), videophone over ISDN (Rec. ITU-T H.320), real-time multimedia communication over the Internet (Rec. ITU-T H.225, ITU-T H.245, ITU-T H.323), and fax over the Internet (Rec. ITU-T T.38).
  • In the domain of videoconferencing, the ITU-T T.120 series of ITU-T Recommendations describes a multithread architecture of data communications in the context of a multimedia conference. It describes the establishment of telephone meetings independent of the underlying network as well as the exchange of many types of data (binary files, still images, notes, etc.) among the participants during the meeting. The data protocol is specified in ASN.1 and the encoding is PER.