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Harmful Interference / Infringement

​​The main objective of the Radio Regulations (RR) is to prevent harmful interference between stations. ITU members are bound to apply the provisions of the RR for all stations under their responsibility. All stations must be established and operated in such a manner as not to cause harmful interference to stations of other Members which operate in accordance with the RR.

While it is true that spectrum management is a sovereign matter for each Member, the fact remains that radio waves are able to cross borders. In order to avoid harmful interference, it is necessary to coordinate the use of radio-frequency spectrum at the borders.

The procedure for solving the problems of harmful interference is indicated in Section VI of Article 15 of the RR. In case of harmful interference, full particulars relating to the case shall be given using the form indicated in  Appendix 10 of the RR. Please note that infringements of the Constitution, Convention or Radio Regulations shall be reported using the form indicated in Appendix 9 of the RR

Administrations shall cooperate in the detection and elimination of harmful interference. Where practicable, the case of harmful interference may be dealt with directly by their monitoring stations or between the operators. If the direct contacts do not enable to resolve the harmful interference, the concerned administration may request the assistance of the BR.