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The eBroadcasting platform provides secure web-based services related to terrestrial broadcasting to TIES users. The platform provides services to consult databases (eQuery), publications (ePub) and to perform calculations on-demand (eTools) in the scope of selected broadcasting agreements. It provides also a portal (myAdmin) which allows administrations to check and visualize their notices and recorded assignments, making it easy to follow the relevant Plan modification procedures and related deadlines.

eQuery allows fast online searches on broadcasting plans. It allows performing queries on quasi-live databases (updated daily), including the current status and coordination information.

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ePub contains the broadcasting publication online. It allows administrations to consult Special Sections as soon as they are published. All broadcasting publications since 2007 are available.

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eTools offers calculation on-demand in the scope of the GE06, GE84 and RJ81 agreements for testing purposes.

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MyAdmin is the virtual ITU Broadcasting Office (open 24/7) allowing administration to visualize relevant notices and recorded assignment for an easy follow-up of plan modification procedures and related deadlines.

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The eHFBC platform provides online access to the HFBC Publications and HFBC reference data, as well as the tools to generate and validate HFBC requirement files before submission to the ITU

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