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Master International Frequency Register (MIFR)

The Master International Frequency Register (MIFR) or the Master Register contains frequency assignments together with their particulars as notified to the ITU in accordance with Article 11 of the Radio Regulations (RR)

Status of a frequency assignment in the MIFR

The international rights and obligations of administrations in respect of their own and other administrations’ frequency assignments shall be derived from the recording of those assignments in the the Master Register or from their conformity, where appropriate, with a Plan. Such rights shall be conditioned by the provisions of these Regulations and those of any relevant frequency allotment or assignment Plan.

Conform assignment
Any frequency assignment recorded in the Master Register with a favourable finding under RR 11.31 shall have the right to international recognition. For such an assignment, this right means that other administrations shall take this into account when making their own assignments, in order to avoid harmful interference. In addition, frequency assignments in frequency bands subject to coordination or subject to a Plan shall have a status derived from the application of the procedures relating to the coordination or associated with the Plan.
Non-conform assignment
A frequency assignment shall be known as a non-conforming assignment when it is not in accordance with the Table of Frequency Allocations or the other provisions of these Regulations. Such an assignment shall be recorded for information purposes, only when the notifying administration states that it will be operated in accordance with RR 4.4 (see also RR 8.5).

Publications of MIFR notifications

Notifications of frequency assignments from administrations are examined and published in the BR IFIC (Terrestrial Services):
  • Part I  -  Notifications received concerning new frequency assignments or modifications or cancellations of recorded assignments.
  • Part II  -  Notifications and associated findings adopted and resulting in the recording of the assignment in the Master Register.
  • Part III  -  Notifications and associated unfavourable findings adopted and resulting in the return of the notice to the notifying Administration.